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I live in Colorado with my husband and two boys where I spend my time teaching, writing, and skiing. I hold a Master's of Arts in Writing from Regis University and an Bachelor’s in Education from St. Louis University. I love learning and school and kids and fun.

That’s the fancy-pants version. Here’s the real me. I am afraid of changing lightbulbs. I HATE feet. I hate condiments. I check behind the shower curtain of people's houses because I'm the kind of person who would hide there to scare someone. When I was six I went to school with my coat and no shirt on and made it all day without anyone finding out. When I was ten I didn't brush my hair for four months.

My favorite errand is going to the library. I will pull things out of the trash to recycle them. I love to have conversations about all the things you’re not supposed to talk about. I hate country music and jam bands. I have great aim when throwing things especially at other people, but I can't play an upper body sport to save my life. I get competitive about weird stuff like who can spit a watermelon seed farthest. I love life but I get bitchy sometimes. Writing and skiing are my sanity. I have a master’s degree in writing. I love going to school. I graduated with almost 200 semester credit hours when 120 were required. I speak Swedish and can lick my own elbow. I’m kinda weird.

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