Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Kickstarter Update

Yesterday I woke up feeling less than. Less than awake, less than enthusiastic, less than optimistic, less than focused. All that leads to feeling less than competent, less than capable of achieving what I set out to, less than certain of my goals and ideas.

Before yesterday, I was approaching the Kickstarter campaign like what I thought a marketing professional would be: energetic, enthusiastic, positive. But it felt fake. 

So yesterday, I wrote honestly. I'm proud of what I wrote:

"I’m supposed to be cheerleading. That’s seemingly what marketing is. Getting everyone up and moving and jumping up and down and screaming: "THIS! This is worth it! It’s amazing! Do it!" and on...
But I’m a writer and not a marketer. Writers are honest. Good ones anyway. And I’m aiming at being a good writer so this marketing stuff is tough for me. It’s tough to ask for help and it’s tough to see the days pass and not hit the fundraising benchmarks you want to.
This project has done nothing if not strengthen my belief in this book. The idea is important. The premise is meaningful. And when I ask why people support I hear "I believe in supporting PEOPLE. I believe in you." When I ask, I get messages with ideas of how to reach more people and shares on FB. When I doubt, I see an average pledge amount of $47. That's a LOT.
But I’m an honest writer and here’s the thing: we’re not hitting the fundraising benchmarks and if the momentum doesn’t pick up soon, this Kickstarter won’t go. It’s all-or-nothing and I feel crestfallen when a day goes by and no one pledges. I feel like a failure to the kids I used to work with when I don’t raise the money I set out to. I’m afraid it won’t work.
So in all honesty, I need to know. Is this worth it? Why do you support it? If you’re visiting the site and haven’t supported, why not? Are there questions that hold you back? Questions you’re afraid to ask? Because you should ask. I’m asking you to ask. I’m asking you to tell me what holds you back from pledging.
If you’ve pledged, I’m asking you to help make this project go. Share it in an email to three specific people you know love to read. Or share it with people you know who experienced struggle, abuse, abandonment and could use this story. And share with the world WHY you supported this project.
Without the word of mouth, this story won’t make it. It will hide in shameful corners with other dark truths that need to be brought to light. Stories need brave men and women who bring them forth honestly and say, “This. This is true. This is hard and I’m afraid, but here is my story anyway.” And they say it into the light..."

The result was raising over $500 yesterday. Being yourself and writing well is the way to go. At least for me. Please check out the Kickstarter project. Click to donate. Click to share.

Thank you