Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Something that's additive, that's filled with love

I posted this on my Facebook page and was met with a wonderful response.

When my dad came out, I was 14. I was afraid. I was afraid of people hating him or hurting him and I was afraid of people hating me or hurting me. I have prided... our society of late for the incredible progress we've seen on this front. Students coming to my classes no longer see this as an issue. There is not fear of harm or hate in their eyes.

What happened, it breaks me. It sets my confidence on edge, unsteadies my step. I want to have something additive to say in this conversation.

But right now, I'm just indescribably sad.

Maybe someone has something filled with love and perspective to share. I keep reading on here to see it. I haven't yet.

But my husband just stopped us all from our respective corners, pulled the boys out of the bathtub, and me from my work, and took us outside to see a double rainbow.

Please share what you have to that's additive, that's filled with love. I'm guessing we could all use more rainbows.

The comments were photos from around my community of the same double rainbow I'd seen from other angles.