Thursday, January 19, 2017

Day 9 of 10 Days of Great Women

Today, Day 9 of 10 Days of Great Women is for the Writers.

Few things have shaped me more, inspired my ambition, engaged my curiosity, and compelled my mind more than writers. I could list a hundred writers but my goal with this project has been to highlight people I've had direct contact with and whose work has impacted my ability to see progress, inspired me, and pushed me to be better.

So when I think of the women who have done this for me, I specifically think of Gina Sheridan. She was the first person I knew who blogged. Get this, I learned about it from knowing her on Myspace and it sparked an interest in writing again for me and pushed me to write regularly. I've never been a successful blogger and that's okay with me. Because I can put things here that I don't want to turn into a book. I learned that because of Gina.

I think of the way she's continually pushing people to respond with compassion, the way she engages with her community. But in this post, I name her because of her writing. I have enjoyed her writings about her childhood, silly blogs about her family, and the way she's shaped a book out of the best parts of working in a library. Most people would have written complaints, by accident they would have slipped in. But Gina set an intention with this book that was value based. She values the place a library holds for a community. And that value is in the book.

Through Gina, I met her sister, Kendra. She writes a sex blog that challenged my thinking. I had pretty traditional ideas about sex and monogamy but have always been interested in sex, so her blog was perfect for me. I'm open minded and her blog is well-written and mind-blowing. She tackles topics I'd never thought of and creates a community for people who are shirking societal stereotypes about sex. She has also been supportive and kind and I have appreciated learning the world through her eyes.

And it's important to mention that both of these women write very well. They use specific detail, great word choice, they choose interesting topics and bring great perspective to their writing. Their writing is the sort that's worth seeking out. And their support has meant the world to me.

So today is for you, Writers. Without women writers, our country and our community and our lives would not be what they are. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, your details, and your perspective.