Friday, January 20, 2017

Last Day of 10 Days of Great Women

This last 10 days, I've highlighted the GREAT Americans I know who have fought for our progress as a nation. I specifically be looked at the women in my life who impacted my ability to see progress, women who have inspired me, women who have pushed me to be better.

So far, I've highlighted
And as I thought through who they each were, there were times when it mattered that they were female. But mostly, mostly, as I look at the list, and the attributes that caused me to inspect these women in the first place, it was not gender-based.

Every listing could have been male or female. The athletes, the teachers, the scientists... every last one is an example of an exemplary human. Every one of the people who inspired me, did so by deeply using some aspect of their humanity. They used their muscles and their minds. They used their drive and their ambition. They were true to themselves.

This is why being a feminist is really just believing that women are human, that they are deserving of equal rights and privileges, equal intellectual abilities and drives. That they are great humans who use their muscles and their minds to inspire people and lead great lives.

Great Women are Great People.

There have been hundreds of humans who have influenced me and pushed me to this point in my life. But today is not for them. Today is for the people who will press me forward into tomorrow.

And in honor of those who stand up for what is right, even when it's hard, especially when it's hard, today, the final day, Day 10 is for the Demonstrators.

Thank you for organizing, for driving, and donating, for having lengthy conversations during which you engage in point-by-point debate to move forward an agenda of betterment.

Demonstrators act on the belief that standing up is a patriotic act. Demonstrators seek to push our nation toward progress, toward greatness.

And that is why I have built this argument for you. You push forward ideas, you push forward equality, you demonstrate greatness. Whether you carry signs or make crafts with kids, whether you link arms or chant or write quietly. You act. You Change The World.

I'll see you tomorrow.